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Why Is It Best To Do Laser Treatments In The Winter?

Best To Do Laser Treatments In The Winter | Plush Laser

The medical cosmetics industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging. Currently, one of the most popular aesthetic treatments is Laser Hair Removal. If you’re interested in hair-free, smooth skin – it’s an excellent time to try laser treatments.

At first glance, it may seem that spring or summer are the ideal times to receive laser treatments. However, it’s quite the opposite! Fall and winter months would be the most desired months for beginning Laser Hair Removal treatments and here’s why!

Why Laser Treatments Are Best During Winter Months

You’re already pale

This time it’s a really good thing! Laser + sun avoidance = Laser 101. For lighter skin types, the area you are having treated for laser hair removal must be protected from sun exposure throughout your treatment sessions. At Plush Laser, we will educate you on ways to protect during the summer months so you won’t need to pause – but let’s face it, getting them in without having to think twice about the sun makes life way easier for you.

Summer bodies are made in the winter

You need multiple sessions of Laser Hair Removal to be totally hair-free. Most guests receive 8 short laser sessions approximately 6 weeks apart. Getting your treatments in during the winter months when you have shorter days + more downtime is a nice perk. After a few sessions, you’ll be smooth as can become spring and summer.

The takeaway

During the winter months your unwanted, pesky hairs may seem like less of a hassle while you’re all bundled up under the covers, but it can be a great time to take advantage of getting your laser treatments in and getting a head start on summer. If you are interested in more information on Laser Hair Removal, make sure to reach out to Plush Laser – a boutique Laser Hair Removal experience for all skin types. It’s their specialty!

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