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Laser Facials Birmingham, MI | Plush Laser

You’re in for a really sweet glow.

Laser Facials are one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. A 15-minute laser facial offers transformative skin rejuvenation with no downtime! This luxe celeb treatment that’s taking the east + west coast by storm is now available to you in Birmingham, MI this spring.

We love Laser Facials for 3 simple reasons – dramatic results, zero downtime, and 100% glow!

At Plush Laser, our ND: Yag laser stimulates collagen, breaks up pigment, and minimizes those pesky breakouts. We target the second layer of your skin for a v deep cleanse. Say hello to total skin rejuvenation & new + improved complexion with one of our Plush Laser Facials.

REJUV Laser Facial

Your first Laser Facial with us will be a Rejuv Laser Facial. Rejuv improves the overall appearance of your skin + gives you ALL the anti-aging benefits – Rejuv stimulates collagen production, improves fine lines and wrinkles, tightens pores, fights acne, and gives you a total GLOW.

We rejuvenate your skin cells, boost collagen, improve skin clarity + provide you with transformative results. In 15 minutes – with no downtime. 

BRIGHTEN Laser Facial

Next up, Brighten reduces hyperpigmentation, improves complexion, minimizes sun damage, and brightens you right up!

It’s the magic eraser you need to turn back the years of sun effects and give you back a clear + youthful complexion. Bonus – go make-up free more often!

Plush Laser Facials

At Plush Laser, you get experience + medical expertise, and transformative results in a boutique, luxury setting.

Your Laser Facial includes –

+ mini skin consult
+ customized laser treatment
+ curated at-home skincare regimen

with consistency, you will see continuous improvements in your skin – stay tuned for our 1st laser facial intro offer + plush member savings.

Say hello to your fave new self-care ritual — Laser Facials.

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