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Laser Hair Removal

We get to the root of the problem, literally. Laser Hair Removal destroys the hair at the root, therefore permanently destroying the hair follicle from continued growth.

There are 3 phases of hair growth. The laser will effectively destroy the hair follicle when the hair is in it’s anagen (active) growth phase. Hence, we provide a series of sessions to get you maximum results.

The laser light see’s the melanin in the hair shaft and the subsequent heat travels down to permanently destroy the hair follicle by separating it from its blood supply. The surrounding tissue is protected throughout the service and you are left with smooth skin.

Most guests enjoy up to 15% reduction per session, and 95%+ reduction after just 8 treatments.

Your safety is our top priority. We are owned and operated by Medical Professionals and have performed over 15,000 Laser Hair Removal treatments. We use the safest, FDA-approved laser in the industry. We also require a personalized thorough medical intake to ensure the safest, best results. We will provide you with pre + post instructions and are here for you every step of the way. Rest assured, you are in excellent hands!

We cover all our bases, but are straight to the point. Treatment timing depends on the size of the treatment area ~ we do everything from Upper Lip to Full Body. Our average treatment time is 30 minutes. You can pop in on your lunch break or stop by after work.

We offer personalized treatment plans to accommodate all of our guests. Most guests come for an average of 8 sessions, 8 weeks apart for optimal results. You’ll also receive our Smooth Skin Guarantee with every Plush Laser Treatment Package.

It’s better than waxing ~ seriously! At Plush Laser, we provide all the comfort measures to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Most guests describe the sensation similar to the feeling of a rubber band snap, with a cooling spray that touches the skin simultaneously.

We provide a luxury experience at an affordable rate. Each plan is customized and we will provide you with the best pricing possible during your Free Consultation. You can take advantage of our $0 down option and get started same day. Click here to book your Free Consultation today.

Candela Gentlemax Pro is the industry gold standard, making it the #1 device on the market for Laser Hair Removal. With dual wavelengths, it is safe and effective for all skin types. Our team of Registered Nurses can treat unwanted hairs on all areas of the body. From upper lip to full body — we’ve got you covered.

And beware, not all lasers are created equally. The device used for Laser Hair Removal at many salons and spas is performed with IPL (Intense Pulse Light). IPL is great for many things, but hair removal is not one of them. The scattered light can stunt hair growth temporarily, giving you subpar results and coming back for years and years of treatments.

The Gentlemax Pro 755nm wavelength has maximum absorption to melanin – the primary target for hair removal. Additionally, the device incorporates a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that applies bursts of cooling cryogen in adjustable spray durations, precisely engineered before and after the laser pulse. This assists in the protection of the epidermis during treatment and is a very important role in delivering safe and effective treatments.

Laser Facials

Laser Facials are Hollywoods best kept secret — now available to you right in Birmingham! Laser Facials are an integral step to healthy, youthful, glowing skin — amp up the structure + appearance of your skin by solving the problems, not just the symptoms.

We’ll rejuvenate your skin cells, boost collagen, improve skin clarity + provide you with transformative results. All in 15 minutes — with no downtime.

With consistency, you will see continuous improvements in your skin.

THINK — skin gym membership meets your favorite self care ritual.

At Plush Laser, your first Laser Facial with us will be Rejuv + you get to try it for just $99! Our ND: Yag laser stimulates collagen, breaks up pigment, and minimizes those pesky breakouts. We target the second layer of your skin for a v deep cleanse. Say hello to total skin rejuvenation & new + improved complexion.

Our Alexandrite 755nm reduces hyperpigmentation, improves complexion, minimizes sun damage, and most importantly — brightens you right up!

Brighten is the magic eraser you need to turn back the years of sun effects and give you back a clear + youthful complexion. Bonus – go make-up free more often!

After just one treatment your skin will be clean + glowing. Over time continued laser facials improve your skin clarity, tone, elasticity + texture.

As a Plush Laser member you’ll save big — 50-60% to be exact. Our no downtime facials allow you to pop in for a quick laser on your lunch or on your way home from work — so your skin stays fresh + glowing. You’ll come 1-3 times a week for initial correction, depending on your treatment recommendations by your Registered Nurse during your first visit.

To become a member — we’ll get you all set up to glow + save during your first Laser Facial with us!

Plush Laser

For our Laser Hair Removal, every guest begins with a Free Consultation. You’ll learn all things laser and receive a complimentary assessment by a Registered Nurse. There are certain hair colors and textures that are not treatable with a laser, so it’s very important to properly assess to ensure you receive great results.

You’ll receive customized pricing options for your desired treatment areas and can even bundle a few areas together for extra savings. You can also opt for small monthly payments through Care Credit. You can even save time and opt for a same-day treatment if you fancy!

At Plush Laser, we want to make you happy + keep you happy. With every Plush Laser package, you’ll receive 2 complimentary touch-ups to use up to a year after your treatments are complete, just in case. Then to make things even sweeter, you also get our Forever Smooth Guarantee. Sometimes future hormone changes can cause new follicles to sprout a couple of hairs. This way, you are protected for life if you ever do need a touch-up – get laser for life for as low as $25.


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